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Hi! I'm Charlotte

I'm a wife, mummy and primary school teacher with a passion to ignite curiosity and imagination into the minds of little ones and inspire a love for learning every day!


I love encouraging the curious minds of my students to explore and watch the inquiry and discovery take place. I've been teaching for 6 years now and spent most of my teaching career in Early Years - Nursery and Reception. I specialised in Early Years at university and this is where my heart lies.


In that time, I've also been very blessed with my own beautiful baby who is now a preschooler! A very determined, inquisitive and energetic preschooler growing so fast - time just goes so fast right?!


I also have another beautiful baby on the way. It is seeing the magic of learning through play, in the eyes of my own child during lockdown, that has inspired me to create Early Years Kingdom. An Early Years Education blog filled with ideas for home learning for your child.


Let's face it, home learning isn't always easy but hopefully Early Years Kingdom can provide you with some activities, ideas, inspiration and resources to support your child's learning at home. The home is the heart of so much learning every day for your child! 


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