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Edible Finger Paints

Edible finger paints with 2 household ingredients!! This is an excellent activity and one of my personal favourites for the tiny tots! Babies and toddlers love getting stuck in with their hands, exploring textures and their senses. Edible finger paints allows them to do just that without the concern of hands covered in paint going in their mouth, because we all know at this baby/toddler stage this is one of their favourite things to do... Can I eat this?! With these 2 simple taste-safe ingredients it allows our babes to explore and play more freely. I recommend this activity from 6months+.

What you need:

  • Natural yoghurt

  • Food colouring

What I did (for each coloured pot):

  • Mix together 1.5 tbsp of natural yoghurt with 1 tsp of food colouring


  • Stimulates senses and encourages exploration

  • Supports brain development

  • Supports creative development

  • Develops hand eye coordination

  • Builds finger strength and muscles


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