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Phonics Writing Tray! ✍🏻 🔡

If you need a quick mark making tray to help your mini explorer with their letter formation, phonics graphemes and spelling then this is a great activity that you can set up time and time again. It’s much more exciting for them than writing on paper too!!

What you need:

  • A tray

  • Salt/ glitter/ sand / sugar / flour - something that you can mark make in with your finger. I used salt and grated some purple chalk in with it to get this colour.

  • You can simply use your finger to write with or use an additional mark making tool e.g. a paintbrush like I did in the video.

Learning Opportunities:

  • Literacy - Writing - making marks, writing graphemes using the correct letter formation and spelling words.

  • Physical Development - fine motor skills, showing a preference for a dominant hand, using mark making tools and forming recognisable letters.


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